Tree Risk Management Policy for Beaulieu Estate

Tree Risk Management Policy at Beaulieu Estate New Forest National Park

About This Project

Project Team:

Beaulieu Estate


Beaulieu Estate, Hampshire 

Project Brief:

To provide a tree risk management policy and undertake a tree risk survey of the Estate.

Beaulieu Estate consists of a rural estate and an award winning family visitor attraction in the heart of the New Forest National Park.  We worked closely with the Estate team to develop a pragmatic and tailored tree risk management policy which defines how the risk from trees is managed across the landholding.

A fundamental part of this process was the development of zoning plans for areas of public use based on the level of occupation. This determined the frequency of tree inspection to ensure that a practical and cost-effective approach to surveys could be undertaken while adequality achieving the Estates duty of care to members of the public.

Once the policy was adopted by all stakeholders we undertook a tree risk survey and provided the results on an online portal so that recommended remedial tree works can be proactively managed by onsite teams and arboricultural contractors.

Tree Risk Management