Methodology for Protecting TPO Trees

Arboricultural reports of redevelopment works near protected trees, Oxford

About This Project

Project Team:

Secure Retirement Co-ownership Association Ltd


Ritchie Court, Oxford

Project Brief:

To provide arboricultural reports and supervision of redevelopment works near protected trees

Ritchie Court in Oxford consists of purpose-built flats for the retired. Our Client needed assistance for the redevelopment of a driveway in close proximity to trees that are subject of a Tree Preservation Order as the tree roots were causing damage to the drive and thus a trip hazard for residents.

The retention of the trees for the benefit of the sites residents was of paramount importance, notwithstanding the protected status of the trees. Therefore, a solution which removed the hazard and ensured minimal disruption to the rooting environment was required. A bespoke ground protection methodology was provided to the Local Planning Authority to demonstrate how the trees could be protected through the redevelopment works. Upon approval, these works were supervised to ensure that any onsite issues could be dealt with efficiently and effectively.  

Trees and the Law