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Dedicated to making a difference

We are dedicated to making a difference, taking the view that every positive action, no matter how small, takes us closer to the end goal. This in itself is a future world where our children and our children’s children can enjoy all the environmental benefits, and more, that we have today. We strive every day to enhance the present to ensure that future.

To achieve this goal, we are driven by four core values:

  • Enhance our environment through sustainable tree management
  • Listen to understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholders
  • Keep things simple
  • Deliver a high quality service at a reasonable price

Our speciality is in providing independent advice on all matters relating to trees. Trees are a key component of green infrastructure, the network of green space and green features, both in urban and rural settings that provide multiple benefits simultaneously. In order for those benefits to continue to flow, trees and tree populations need to be managed, and we can assist you in making your contribution so that you also can make a difference.

Whatever your tree concerns, call us to talk through your options